Creating a Safe Family-Friendly Vacation Rental in Orlando

Creating a Safe Family-Friendly Vacation Rental in Orlando

When you live in an in-demand vacation spot like Orlando, your rental property is bound to attract interest from families. Ensuring a safe and fun stay is key to earning return business - and good reviews.

Do you know how to create a family-friendly vacation rental? Read on to find out!

Have a Practical Layout

For starters, offering a home with an open and spacious layout is key. Especially for parents, having separation between their sleeping areas and those of their children can make the vacation experience better. After all, the kids probably will be going to bed first!

Child-friendly rentals will have ample family space, too. Having another game room or TV room is great for older kids who may want some alone time.

Ideally, kitchens will open up to family rooms to make visibility better for parents monitoring kids. And kitchens with islands and informal seating areas will make meal time easy.

Make Childproofing a Priority

A safe vacation rental keeps in mind the littlest members of each family. You can earn their trust by being proactive about tasks like anchoring furniture and hiding cords.

Plan on locking up cleaning supplies and other chemicals. Put covers on all outlets. Make sure smoke alarms have batteries and aren't expired.

It's wise to let parents know that you've taken these measures, too. Leave a note indicating what childproofing you've done - and what could still be a challenge. Exposed stair railings or stairs, for instance, would be issues you should let parents know about.

Offer Plenty of Entertainment

When it comes to vacation rental tips, being a gracious host is a big one. And for kids, that means providing in-home entertainment. Board games, video games, or puzzles are a good place to start.

Other options could include building blocks or toys for young children. Have toy boxes ready and even consider asking families ahead of time how old their children are. That way, you can tailor the entertainment to the family.

Make sure to provide instructions for any streaming services you have, too. For days when the weather isn't optimal, a comfy couch and big-screen TV will be welcome.

Offer an Orlando vacation guide folder on your kitchen table with brochures for popular destinations. Write down your recommended kid-friendly restaurants and include some coupons.

Keep Pools Safe

If your vacation rental has a pool, prioritize safety. Have a barrier fence around the perimeter with a secure lock. And install an alarm in case the pool is accessed without permission.

Be clear about the hours for pool usage, too. You don't want to disturb the neighbors. Additionally, post rules and make safety equipment accessible.

Create a Family-Friendly Vacation Rental

A family-friendly vacation rental prioritizes safety and comfort. Offer plenty of entertainment and make sure your home is childproofed. And don't forget to keep your pool safe.

At PMI Property Alliance, we can help you make the most of your Orlando vacation rental. With local ownership and over two decades of experience, we have the firsthand knowledge to help. Contact us today to learn more!