Why Hire a Property Management Service in Orlando, FL

Why Hire a Property Management Service in Orlando, FL

Orlando was recently named the most vacant major US city. The vacancy rate now exceeds 15% (with close to 161,000 housing units sitting vacant). If your properties in Orlando are empty, you're missing a chance to generate revenue!

Gain a competitive advantage by relying on property management services. A property manager can help with everything from owner statements to tenant screening.

Not convinced you need help? Read on to discover the benefits of their different types of services today!

Market Properties in Orlando

The first step most people take when looking for properties is to check online. The best property managers can help you market your properties in Orlando. You can personalize your marketing strategies to appeal to Orlando renters.

An experienced property manager will use a mix of digital and traditional marketing strategies. Digital marketing strategies include search engine optimization and social media marketing.

You can generate glowing reviews from previous tenants. Their comments can enhance your reputation as a landlord. You could have an easier time attracting new renters.

Developing an effective property marketing strategy takes time and money. An experienced property manager will use proven strategies. They can improve your ROI by attracting tenants.

Screen Applicants

The sooner you generate applications, the sooner you can fill your vacant properties. However, you shouldn't choose the first renters who apply. Choose a property management company that offers tenant screening services.

This service will ensure you avoid the six million renters behind on payments. Instead, you can gather comprehensive reports to vet your options.

Do-it-yourself tenant screening platforms only offer a "thumbs-up" or "thumbs-down" recommendation. An experienced property manager will gather detailed reports. They'll consider criminal backgrounds, eviction histories, and more.

Screening tenants will ensure you find reliable renters worth retaining. Retaining tenants can improve your occupancy rate and earning potential.

Keep Up With Maintenance

Neglecting maintenance will cause your beautiful investment property to deteriorate and lose value. Outsource your portfolio management to keep up with inspections and maintenance.

Proper upkeep allows you to avoid the cost of future renovations. You'll have an easier time attracting renters.

Help With Owner Statements

Owner statements give landlords a breakdown of their income and expenses. You can review each property's financial health to make informed changes.

A property manager can draft your owner statements and other important documents. With their help, you can make informed accounting decisions. They'll help you remain in good financial health as a real estate investor.

Save Time as a Real Estate Investor

Managing multiple properties can become time-consuming and stressful if you're operating alone. Outsourcing will help you work more efficiently.

Instead of worrying about day-to-day tasks, you can enhance your real estate portfolio. You can improve your ROI and thrive in today's market.

Trust Your Orlando Property Manager

Don't waste time managing your properties in Orlando solo. Instead, hire a property manager. They can handle everything from owner statements to tenant screening.

Their services will ensure you thrive in today's competitive market. Trust our team at PMI Property Alliance.

Leverage two decades' worth of local real estate management experience. Our experience, expertise, and state-of-the-art technology can give you an advantage. Contact us today to experience these benefits firsthand!