The Ultimate Guide to Renting Out Your House for Vacations

The Ultimate Guide to Renting Out Your House for Vacations

There's a reason you put down roots in sunny Orlando, FL. The city is rich with culture, entertainment, and fine dining options, and it's close to some of the state's best beaches!

Have you ever thought about renting out your home so others can enjoy this slice of paradise? Before you take that leap, it's important to know what to expect.

Today's guide covers everything you need to know before you rent out your house to make sure you're fully covered.

Determine What You Can Charge

First, you need to know what other vacation rentals are going for in your local community. You can conduct simple market research online to get those numbers.

A real estate search will tell you the average price in your area. As you compare, remember to consider the following factors:

At certain parts of the year, you might be able to charge more for your Orlando property. For instance, demand is usually up during the city's festival season! The same applies if you've recently completed home upgrades or renovations and can offer your guests a more luxurious experience than they can get down the road.

Create Policies

Before you list your home on property marketing sites, create a list of policies. These include rules that you'd like your renters to follow, such as:

  • Pet policies
  • Designated quiet hours
  • Check-in and check-out times
  • Check-out procedures

It's helpful to assemble all this information in a convenient guest manual. Place it in a central location, such as the living room coffee table, so guests can see it as soon as they arrive.

Protect and Prepare

As a general rule, if you can't afford to lose or replace an item in your home, don't leave it out for guests. Put your valuables in cabinets and lock them with padlocks, smart locks, or zip ties. While some homeowners choose to block off entire rooms for these items, this can lower the available footprint of your home and turn people away.

At the same time, you may choose to make other parts of your space more accessible to visitors! If you have streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu, consider sharing your access information so they can watch and enjoy. It also helps to share where guests can find extra toiletries, pillows, and cleaning supplies to make their stay as comfortable as possible.

We Can Help Rent Out Your House

A final pro time to help you rent out your house with ease? Hire a property management company! When you trust a team like ours to market your home, manage bookings, collect payments, and take care of any maintenance issues, you can enjoy the stress-free passive income you deserve.

We can handle everything from start to finish, helping you attract and retain qualified renters who will cherish your Orlando property like it's their own. Visit our site to learn more about the different services we can provide, starting today!