Smoother Operations: Tips for Commercial Maintenance and Repairs

Smoother Operations: Tips for Commercial Maintenance and Repairs

Orlando sat at the top of the real estate market last year, and it continues to draw in large numbers as we reach a new year. With more business comes a stronger need to ensure maintenance and repairs don't go under the radar.

To make certain your commercial buildings deliver the best to your tenants, you need to prioritize maintenance. Without this focus, it'll be difficult to keep tenants happy and willing to stay.

Listed below are the most crucial projects you should put into place for your buildings right away. Keep reading to learn more about them!

Scheduled Inspections

Frequent building inspections are your first line of defense. These thorough inspections give you better insight into potential problems before they become emergencies. You'll ensure your building is always compliant with Orlando's codes.

You have the chance to know the building inside and out, so you're never caught off guard.

It's also a strong selling point when trying to attract new tenants. Let them know that you take building maintenance and safety seriously, and they'll be more willing to negotiate a lease with you.

Preventative Measures

As you continue with your scheduled inspections, you'll want to fix any weaknesses in your building as soon as possible. It's often easier to note the issue and move on to other pressing matters.

However, that small issue becomes a big problem eventually.

By using the idea of preventative repairs, you'll guard yourself and your building from needing to deal with more issues later on. It'll save you a lot of potential hassle in the future.

Emergency Repair Plans

Even with the most intricate prevention and inspection tactics, emergencies still happen from time to time. It's your job to make sure there's a plan ready to go into place so there's as little downtime as possible.

Get into contact with local plumbers, electricians, and construction companies and come up with a plan in case of emergencies.

Having these plans in place before the emergency occurs brings peace of mind to both you and your tenants. It's better to be overprepared when it comes to protecting your assets.

Regular Safety Audits

Repairs aren't the only things that need forethought. You also need to ensure your buildings have all the right safety measures in place.

Safety audits are the best way to make certain that a building is safe for your tenants.

Without regular audits, you could be complicit in case of an avoidable emergency or accident. When you make safety a top priority, you'll show your tenants that you care about their well-being. They'll want to stay for the long haul since they feel comfortable within your buildings.

Top-Notch Maintenance and Repairs

Sometimes dealing with a rigorous inspection schedule, safety audits, and emergency problems can be overwhelming. That's why it's often a beneficial business decision to offload maintenance and repairs to a property management company.

PMI Property Alliance can do all of these tasks for you, and more. With over 20 years of real estate management experience, we know how to tackle all kinds of commercial building issues so you don't have to. Check out our commercial property services and reach out to us today!